Solo 2:1 placements

We provide specialist therapeutic solo placements for any young person with a minimum 2:1 staffing ratio.

Our experienced and qualified staff provide bespoke, specialist care for children and young people who have experienced trauma and may display more challenging behaviours.

Positif Care aims to reduce negative behaviour through building positive relationships and providing safe, consistent care. We work with social pedagogy at the heart of our approach, and we believe that children and young people thrive when surrounded by genuine care.

“ For immediate solutions. Call our 24-hour emergency line 07871-237-142 ”

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A personal plan

We ensure that our young people are part of the community around them.

They are not bystanders in their lives and their views, wishes and feelings are integral to the care that they receive. All young people have a personal plan which is written in conjunction with their local authority’s plan to ensure a joined-up approach.

The young person is central to the planning process, and they are in control of their plan, their care and their future.