Same Day Placements

We can provide same day placements for vulnerable young people. Our staff will welcome a young person at short notice and help them safely manage the crisis facing them.

In cases where urgent emergency placements are needed, we can provide an immediate response to a request for accommodation.

A Positif Care home is a place of safety. We support young people who are in crisis for whatever reason.

We will provide them with a stable base. Safe, consistent care and a home, not just another placement.

“ For immediate solutions. Call our 24-hour emergency line 07871-237-142 ”

What we Can Offer

We work with placing authorities to create a placement which will meet the needs of each individual young person. We will agree a program of care which will include education, activities and incentives to help stabilise less positive behaviour and promote emotional resilience so that children and young people can reach their potential.

At the outset of a new placement we will agree staffing levels and the involvement of specialist services to ensure the best possible outcomes for the young person.

You can contact our team of skilled residential care workers anytime!