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Positif Care was established by Mark Perrett, Daniel Murphy and Lucy Evans in 2019.

Our experienced and qualified staff provide specialist care based on positive relationships and our young people benefit from a minimum of 2:1 staffing ratio.

At Positif Care we believe in providing young people with a home, not just another placement.

A safe base for them to grow and to start to make sense of past experiences, to develop and to become emotionally resilient young adults. This does not end when they’re approaching adulthood and, we offer support and independence services to ensure continued support.

Providing the following services

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The company mission

Positif Care specialise in providing bespoke solo placements.

After years of working within the sector, we wanted to establish a company to provide residential care as we have always thought it should be done, without any of the negative trappings often associated with children’s residential care. Our aim was to create a culture where young people are valued as individuals and are given the childhood which they may have missed out on.

We also wanted to change the experience for our staff. Historically, residential care staff have not been given the status that they deserve and turn-over of staff has been high. We want a committed, consistent team of people who will care for and support our young people as they would for their own children. In return, we value our team and believe in investing in them and developing their skills.

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Price training instructors

One of our managers’, Daniel Crandon, is also a qualified price training instructor.

Our positive approach to behaviour support is designed to help staff manage challenging behaviour in the least restrictive way, focusing heavily on de-escalation and diversion techniques.

The approach ensures course participants fully acknowledge the rights of those they care for and only consider physical restraint as an absolute last resort. All staff are trained in BILD accredited, risk assessed, physical holds to promote safety at all times.

Support in education

The team will liaise closely with education providers to gain a good understanding of the young person’s educational needs and how we can help support them at home to reach their potential.

We offer a wide variety of support for education. We believe that all young people are different, have different needs and learn in different ways. Positif Care will liaise with professionals to agree on how to meet the specific educational needs of the young person.

Responsible health care

As young people develop their skills, they will be encouraged to take more responsibility for their own health care needs. We will ensure that the young person is registered with the local GP within 72 hours of their admission.

We will also register them with the dentist and book an initial appointment with a local optician. Staff will encourage young people to make and keep their own appointments when they are able to be in line with their level of understanding and capability. Staff undertake link work sessions with young people around all aspects of health, such as sexual health, healthy relationships, dental hygiene and emotional health.

Positive family relationships

We recognise the importance of family, and each young person will be encouraged to have contact with their family, where appropriate and agreed by the placing authority.

Positif Care staff will facilitate and support contact with family members and friends. We encourage our young people to have family and friends visit them at home and will always welcome them. A positive working relationship between the home manager/staff and parents will only benefit the young person. ‘My life’ sessions will be carried out regarding positive family relationships.

Participation in activities

We hold a strong belief in building positive relationships through shared experiences. To this end, we encourage our children and young people to participate in a huge variety of activities, taking into account their individual interests and hobbies. There are a multitude of clubs and groups in the area, and we have contacts in the rugby, martial arts and boxing communities to name but a few.

We encourage enriching and physical activities, but we also recognise the need for recreation and relaxation and the young people can choose what they want to do each week with staff facilitating trips to the cinema, bowling, trampolining etc.