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    Mark Perrett

    Company Director

Our Beliefs

At Positif Care we have a strong belief that doing things together and sharing the experiences of life, builds strong foundations on which shared memories are created.

We work with the values of Social Pedagogy. Social pedagogy is essentially concerned with well-being, learning and growth. It is underpinned by the idea that each person has inherent potential, is valuable, resourceful and can make a meaningful contribution to their wider community if we find ways of including them.

“ There is a diamond within all of us. As human beings we are all precious and have a rich variety of knowledge, skills and abilities. Not all diamonds are polished and sparkly, but all have potential to be!! ”

Our Values

At Positif Care we believe that young people should not be disadvantaged by being ‘looked after’. All of the young people that we care for are given all of the opportunities and life chances that we would want for our own children. We care for children and young people as we would want our own child to be looked after by others.

When a young person moves to a Positif Care home it is a commitment from us to give them a home not just another placement, and they are being welcomed to the Positif Care family!

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    Lucy Evans

    Responsible Individual and Director

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    Daniel Murphy

    Company Director

Our Vision

At Positif Care we are changing the face of residential childcare. Historically, many young people will have had numerous placement breakdowns which adds to the trauma that they will have already experienced in their young lives. We aim to break this cycle by providing long term placements where children can grow and develop surrounded by adults who offer genuine care and unconditional positive regard.

We support our young people to make real changes, to make sense of past experiences and to move forward to a positive future.