Supported Living

We provide leaving care support. We will work with the young person and their placing authority to create a package of support which will meet the needs of the individual young adult.

We can provide support to young adults in their own home and can assist with attendance of appointments, shopping and family visits.

We offer emotional support and also practical support to empower young adults to manage their independence, this could be paying utility bills, managing their money, using public transport, cooking and housekeeping tasks.

Each young adult will have a dedicated Linkworker who will be their main point of contact and will work with their pathway plan to ensure that the individual is supported, and enabled, to manage their independence and the challenges of adult life.

“ For immediate solutions. Call our 24-hour emergency line 07871-237-142 ”

Dedicated Linkworker

As the individual develops their independence skills and becomes more confident in managing by themselves, we will decrease the level of support. However, this is an open ended commitment and support will be available for as long as it is needed – we don’t stop caring and the young person/young adult will always remain part of the Positif Care family!

You can contact our team of skilled residential care workers anytime!